Weight Training Nutrition - What You Put In Is What You Get Out!

Coming back off the Winter Holidays, I gained a few needed pounds. I'm really working to put on some weight as I know most of you are who're reading this, so I welcomed it. However, I didn't workout as much as I woud've liked, so now it's time to get back to work and used that stored energy in my workouts.

It took me years to figure this out, but once I did, I saw an immediate change in my body and my workout ability. It has to do with weight training nutrition. I know some of you immediately think all the supplements and the entire GNC store. I've been there, and I've found that I can eat actual food with a proper diet and build a great body with a fraction of the cost I was paying for those supplements. After all, we're not looking to be freaks of nature, so natural will work.

Now I promised not to get technical on you, but your muscles need certain proteins and carbs to work most efficiently. When you do a hard workout, you are basically creating micro-tears in your muscles and they need to repair themselves.

So that being said, you have two primary responsibilities for your nutrition when it comes to working out.

1. Preparing your muscles for the onslaught they are about to take

2. Giving them what they need to repair themselves the best.

You should eat your pre-workout meal about 2 to 1.5 hrs before your workout to allow for digestion. It should be a well balanced meal but mainly consist of complex carbs such as oatmeal or other whole grains. These will provide you with a steady stream of energy. If you can't get that meal in that early, some fruit will do well as an energy boost before your workout.

After you workout, you want to mainly intake protien and simple carbs. My fave meal after a workout is a chicken breast, pasta, and veggies or fruit (it's about the only thing I'm good at cooking for right now). You used up a lot of energy and protien in your workout, so it's vital you resupply your body with these nutrients no later than 1.5 hrs after your workout. Don't sit on the couch with potato chips!

This is the most important meal in your workout day. If you can't get a decent sized meal in, peanut butter sandwhiches or chicken sandwiches are good alternatives. You can also try the Whey Protien shakes after, but I prefer actual food.

Ideally, there's a 4 hr block between your first meal and your last meal, but I know we aren't always able to accomodate that. Just make sure you get your post-workout meal in properly and you'll see some decent results. Providing your body with the proper nutrition is one thing that sets the amatuers apart from the pros.

A multivitamin of some sort is also important because with the American diet, we rarely get the proper nutrition, no matter what we eat.

I appreciate you reading. As I learn more, you learn more.