I Don't Feel Like going to the gym....

With the New Year upon us, many people are making resolutions geared toward weight training. But we all know the deal. Gym membership shoots up, but 90% of those people are out of the gym by the end of Febuary. Well I'm here to offer you a few tips that have kept me in the gym consistently for years. Consistency is the ONLY way to see results.

1. Find what motivates you.

This can be anything from better health to more sex, lol. If you're like me, a little guy that wanted to gain some weight, my motivation was to get people from calling me skinny. Once I saw how I looked in the mirror, a little vanity took over, and it snowballed. Comments from the ladies didn't hurt either.

2. Write out a goal sheet.

This is essential for any serious workout plan. And let's face it, you are serious about putting on some pounds. If not, you're just wasting your time. How much weight do you want to gain (be realistic) and by when? What are your targets on each machine at the end of 12 weeks? How many inches do you want to add to your arms, legs, chest, etc? Write these out and put them where you can see them everyday to remind yourself.

3. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

I go 4 times a week to get myself in a routine. If you're going at least 3 times a week, not only will your body get used to it, but your mind will also. You'll adjust your schedule accordingly subconciously because you know you have to go to the gym. It takes 21 days to create a habit. Get into this habit as soon as you can and you won't back down.

4. Find a running buddy.

For most people this is crucial. I'm a very self-motivated person, so I prefer to work alone, but you must be true to yourself. If you know you'll need someone to push you at first, then get someone. But don't let the fact that you can't find someone to go to the gym with you stop you! You have to be committed to your own success, but it helps if you have someone in your corner.

5. Reward yourself for staying committed.

Do something you enjoy after going to the gym or at the end of the week. This ties into what motivates your closesly because I get satisfaction from comments from my girlfriend or by seeing visible progress of myself. You may like to treat yourself to dinner or to your favorite park. It's up to you.

So I hope these were helpful tips for keeping you in the gym. As a weight training beginner, I understand the hardest part of any journey is the beginning. But once you build some momentum, going to the gym will become a natural part of your life, like it is for me. Until next time...Happy Lifting!